The CornDawgs adventure park has two mazes, a pumpkin patch, weekend entertainment, a petting zoo, special events … and more than 30 exciting attractions! Bring your family for a day of fun just a few miles from metro Atlanta.

You can shoot, jump, climb, swing, play, ride … wheeeeeeee!


Pumpkin Blaster: Take aim and see if you can blast a target downrange with our giant cannon.
Corn Cannon: The corn cannon uses highly compressed air to launch an ear of corn one hundred yards into the hay field. Test your aim with one of our many targets.


Hay Bale Jump: Hundreds of hay bales ranging in size from standard to enormous have been stacked for your enjoyment. Climb to the top and declare yourself king of the hay mountain, or make your way through the interior via the giant tunnel.
Jumping Pillows: Inflation might be a downer for the economy, but it helps kids soar to new heights on our giant Jumping Pillows. Safer than a trampoline and like walking on the moon, these enormous outdoor pillows will entertain your kids for hours and wear them out well before they have finished having fun.


Spider Webs: Giant Spiders moved in over the winter and left us these great webs to climb in. Test YOUR spiderey skills here.


Rope Swing: Glide through the air on our giant rope swing and drop fearlessly into the enormous mound of hay bales waiting below. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it over again – what fun!
Black Mamba Swings: The black mamba snake is the longest, most venomous snake in Africa, and also the fastest snake in the world. Like its namesake, CornDawg’s Black Mamba Swing is the longest swing in the county, able to hold numerous guests at one time. How fast it moves depends on you!


Cow Train: Climb aboard the cow or corn train and take a twisty tour of our hayfield as your driver whips his chain of barrel cars into a frenzy. Trains are equipped with a steering wheel and lap restraint so that even our youngest riders can participate. Wheee – it’s quite a ride!
Hayrides: What visit to a farm would be complete without a good, old-fashioned hayride? Climb aboard the giant hay wagon and relax as the big green tractor takes you on a tour of the Corn Dawgs corn field.


Penny Pit: This roll in the hay is likely to reward you with a fist full of pennies and perhaps even some tokens good for Corn Dawg attractions. Come see what treasure awaits you buried in the hay.
Giant Checker Boards: CornDawgs has taken the classic game of checkers to the extreme with our giant checker set. Come dare your friends to a game on our life-sized board – it’s both a mental and physical challenge.
Cornhole: It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80 – everyone can play cornhole! Participants take turns pitching cornhole bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a player reaches the score of 21.
Ring Toss: We’ve taken the favorite back porch game and brought it out to the maze. Try your skill at catching the ring on the hook. Here’s a hint, finesse is the key!


Gemstone Mining: Step right up to our old-fashioned water flume and try your luck at gem mining. Small bags of ore are available and each is guaranteed to contain a treasure trove of gemstones. Once you’ve washed the dirt away to reveal your loot, identify your rocks on our handy dandy gem chart.


Little Farmer’s Playground: Younger guests will be entertained for hours at the Little Farmer’s Playground. There’s a real John Deere tractor for imaginative minds to try their hand at farming, zip lines made just for kids and a pedal car track where they can race till the cows come home.
Giant Corn Box: Containing over ten tons of corn, the giant corn box is one of Corn Dawgs most popular attractions. Kids love to bury themselves in the cool kernels and fill their shoes with the golden nuggets. After experiencing our corn box, no run-of-the-mill sandbox will do.


Mountain Slide: Faster than a speeding bullet…that’s how you’ll feel when you zoom down the slick tracks of our mountain slide, with one slide built right through the hillside on the highest point of the farm. Be sure to take in the view of the park before you make your descent.